Local Nicaraguan Government

Proyecto CocoMango works in collaboration with the Alcaldía (local government) and MARENA (governmental body that protects the nature reserve) for both on-going projects and events. One such example is the annual Semana Ambiental (Eco Week) in which the three groups collaborate to plan and execute a series of large-scale environmental activities promoting the conservation of Laguna de Apoyo.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

CocoMango is working with the Detroit Chapter of EWB on a clean drinking water project for the Laguna de Apoyo Community. The Laguna sits within a volcanic crater and has a complex water issue. One part of the community cannot dig wells due to hot springs, while another part has dug wells to find mineral rich water containing arsenic. EWB is working with the community water committee to find the best solution. The clean drinking water project may be the first in a series of three projects that may include a latrine system and a community center.