Proyecto CocoMango exists to expand educational and artistic opportunities, protect the environment, and develop social and economic resources for Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua, and neighboring communities.

Why “CocoMango”?

When the community met to discuss the founding of a new organization, all topics were up for discussion: structure, missions, projects, leadership, etc. However, when deciding on a name the whole group unanimously agreed on “CocoMango” in tribute to an enormous coconut-sized mango that had been perilously hanging above everyone’s heads for the duration of the meeting. The name was immediately chosen with joyful cheering, and shouts of “CocoMango” have been used to commonly greet fellow community members since. You may interpret it as a metaphor for prosperity and growth, for the mixing of foreigners and locals, the cooperation of two ends of the community that had been geographically divided…. Or just a good omen for surviving the meeting beneath the enormous hovering fruit. Que viva CocoMango!