Proyecto CocoMango was formed
in July 2014 as a community organization with a mission to expand educational...

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Who We Are. Our Mission

Proyecto CocoMango exists to expand educational and artistic opportunities, protect the environment, and develop social and economic resources for Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua and neighboring communities.

Why “CocoMango”?

When the community met to discuss the founding of a new organization, all topics were up for discussion: structure, missions, projects, leadership, etc. However, when deciding on a name the whole group unanimously agreed on “CocoMango” in tribute to an enormous coconut-sized mango that had been perilously hanging above everyone’s heads for the duration of the meeting. Read More

CocoMango's recent activities!!

2 days ago
Photos from Proyecto CocoMango's post

I love my lagoon!!
Drawing competition at the primary school. A day with a lot of imagination.

An event organized by MARENA (Ministry of the environment), in colaboration with MINED (Ministry of ... See more

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Fruitful future!


Scholarships to send 13 students to high school

The cost of a scholarship for a full year is 300$. Many families cannot afford to support their children through secondary and higher education. In order to tackle this challenge, Cocomango started its scholarship program “a fruitful future” in 2015.

Target: $3600

Raised: $1245